Friday, September 11, 2009

I am such a dork, LOL!'s 4:20 am here and i can't sleep. i have been up since 2 and took more benadryl but still, alas, i am awake.

Why benadryl, you ask? that would be b/c my right eye is completely swollen shut from poison ivy. i bet all you east coasters know what i mean about this stuff...and i get it bad...i must have run into it this weekend {where i still have no idea} and spread it all foot, ankle, leg, back of my thigh {this feels great when you sit}, all over my neck, ear and eye is getting worse instead of getting better but at least my left eye is pretty much back to normal b/c i got some prednazone {sp?} today.

the bummer is, i can't even scrap! booooooooooooo! i tried to read tonight but it hard too so tv is my only other option and i am spent on that already.

so anywho...have your laugh...have your chuckle at my expense it is quite funny, actually!

i wanted to leave you with a layout and card from the Serendipity Scrapbooks Altered kit for is loaded with Dream Street Sam papers and My Mind's Eye goodies and i just love these wooden brads from Chatterbox, they take Glimmer Mist really well. Oh, and i added a My StampBox stamp. I found this company over NSD weekend this year and have quite a few of their stamp sets {Glimmer Mist and stamps not in kit}. I used the Prima packaging from the flowers we got in the kit for the mask.

don't forget to go over to the Cuttlebug Challenge blog and leave comments! even if you don't do the challenge, you can still win from commets!

And i would be remiss if i didn't add something about today. i have been watching memorials all morning long, remember those who lost their lives this day September 11th, i am wishing their families peace, though i cannot imagine that kind of grief. cheers to all of our soldiers that defend this country everyday!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Ellen....I am with you with the Poison Ivy....been there, done that it is just awful!!!! Hope the prednisone kicks in soon and the eye clears up!!!! Yuck you have it everywhere!!!! Now on the the page and card....Is that your handwriting? It is beautiful!!! Love the clean look and the card.....oh so cute!!! Wishing you a great weekend!!!! :)

Peggy said...

Poison ivy ... we don't have this here in Belgium, so I can only imagine the state you're in right now.

Beautiful work you've shown here, and I hope you'll be able to scrap again soon!
xxx Peggy

Jennifer said...

Sorry you can't sleep! Cute creations tho!

Jen Martakis said...

Wow, I hope your poison ivy gets better soon. My son is just getting over a bad case. Although, he was lucky enough to not get it in his eyes. You poor thing!

I love your projects!

Terri Conrad said...

Hi there Ellen,

Oh my! Quite an itchy situation you find yourself in - hope you're feeling better son. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. Hope you decide to participate in the project, your style is unique and lovely, we'd love to see what you come up with.

Terri Conrad
Terri Conrad Designs

mustangkayla said...

Bummer, I hope you get some releif real soon!

laterg8r said...

oh, you poor thing - i hope you get better soon :)

Lisa Dorsey said...

So sorry about your poison ivy!!! My DH gets it bad too. His doctor told him once that you can get it from just being near it when the wind blows! Ugghh. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Just love that journaling on your layout. Hope you can scrap again soon!

Jennifer said...

I have poison right now too...and boy, I know your is the WORST!! Love your creations!

TraceyT said...

Love what you did with the stamp BOX set!!!

Amber said...

Hope the poison ivy has started clearing up Ellen. My hubby is VERY allergic to it and he can look at it and start itching:) Prednisone is about all that helps when he gets a bad case.
Your creations are beautiful. Just love the LO, so simple and elegant. And your card is adorable.

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Oh no...hope you feel better soon.

Fabulous projects!

dstandard said...

Poor Ellen - hope you get over the itching soon! The page and card are great!