Thursday, August 30, 2007

how cool are these photos? one of my kids and i went to this old church and checked them out...he is so smart and so open to makes me sad to see him so lost...and the fact

that his own parents don't do much with him...but that is what i do now...try to make the world a better place for these scratch that...i teach them the tools to help them handle their very different than i have ever known

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here are some goodies from HSS for upload day yesterday. Got to work on this Love mini album over the weekend while i was croppin' at my sisters! so the hemp flower on the front!

You will love it over there...come for a visit!!

the XO layout...i used the mini paper pack from Jenni Bowlin and sewed them together to make my own patterned paper! just LOVE her stuff!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

so i know i just posted but i am off for a long weekend to my sister's in maryland to get together with the girls and scrap a bit! i have no idea how my mom and i are going to fit all {my} our stuff in the car!!!!

i wanted to post some pics from the zoo last weekend in fun...and it is free! {you only pay to park} and it is a gorgeous zoo...just like a park. you can't beat that. and owen, the cutie pie, from his birthday....HOW CUTE IS THAT SMILE??????????? I don't know why my camera went all panda butt on me for that fuzzy photo but oh well...that pic is just too fun...he was scratchin' his but right at me!

i don't think i have any new scrappiness to share with you right now....just other pics but wait til my weekend is over!

i will have LOTS of goodies to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

so guess who has the flue again? nice, huh? second time in a few months, it stinks...up for awhile last night and just squeaked out of bed....blah! the thing that really stinks is i have to double up my day tomorrow AND drive to Maryland tomorrow night.

BUT i do get to scrap with my girls so that is fun for me! oh no...that means i have to pack...argh.

so we signed owen up for pre-K...had is orientation yesterday and he loved it. I mentioned something about the bus this morning and he started screaming he didn't want to go to that school, LOL! the 28th is going to be a fun one...
ok...let's see..since my sister didn't send me my pics from the zoo this weekend ...i will post a digi lo from the FAB Verna over at Dragonflaire and a hybrid card from Maggie's Tropical kit at Dragonflaire too! how fun are those surfboards????
oh and i have been tagged by the lovely GINA!!!!!! i will do the tag but everyone i know has been tagged already!!!! guess i need to go meet a few more friends!
1} i love dogs...if i could have kennel i would in a heart beat...or breed labs or boxers...i def would
2} i desperately want to move back to the city or close to philly again...looks like it ain't happening for us for awhile
3} i worry all the time about owen, almost obsessively, well okay! obsessively
4} i always wanted a big brother
5}fall is my FAV season and i can't wait to get out my pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6} i am dying for a glass of wine so badly, i am counting down the days til number 2 is here!
7}i use to drive a forklift at one of my jobs in college
8}i want to go back to school and get another master's degree or possibly my doctorate

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

so Stampington emailed me about picking up some of my stuff which is pretty fun! Love their Take Ten is a pretty big issue that comes out quarterly.

Beck Fleck also emailed me about contributing to her next newsletter which is fun too. I have never done it before andhave been wanting to email her forever and of course her stuff just rocks.

Owen's bday is sunday but we went over to john and diane's this weekend to celebrate since we are going to Maryland to see Amber~yeah~this weekend. Here are a few shots! what a cutie!

he got a new bike and a remote control boat for the pool! lucky kid!

Monday, August 06, 2007

this weekend was nuts! august is going to be a tough one for glad i am not feeling so tired anymore {well just a little}. i do get a paycheck this week! yeah! it will only be a little one since i only worked 8 hours but it will help. i feel bad for brian since he has been taking the bill burden on his own.

my tummy is finally popping out which is fun! makes you feel a bit better when i starts to do that....i don't know why i am so anxious this time around but i am...

look at this little treasure Joan sent me from that the cutest????

don't forget the chat tomorrow night at and then there is another at with Kim Moreno August 20th...she is co-owner of pageframes, DT coordinator of Dream Street, Busy Bee and a hundred other things! LOL..she rocks. to shower and get to work to see one of my kids...have a good one!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

DARN! there were a bunch of calls i wanted to do last night and totally forgot. Total bummer...i guess that goes to show that i have toooooo much going on. i really wanted the one though, guess i will have to just stalk the site! LOL!

but the good news is my term is officially starting for HSS! how fun!

we are off to atlantic city today to for a few days! can't wait! mama needs some cute maternity clothes!
well owen and i are off to the recycling he is when i took his photo the last time with my camera LOL.
"be the change you wish to see in the world" ghandi.