Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am so lucky! i am waiting for my luck to move over to the Powerball tonight ;) ... no seriously!!! LOOK at what i got in the mail this week from Kimber!? THANK YOU! Jillibean and WorldWin papers!!! woot woot!

I was so happy I dove into it right away and made a mini card. I LOVE MAKING THESE MINIs. cuteness. They're like those little those White Castle burgers...all that yumminess in a cute little package ;)

I got these journal cards in the pack and I wanted to play with I folded the paper in half right above it and cut it out to make a card {that way it was attached at the top by the fold}. And I used the butterfly from the other Minestrone colllection with some finishing touches.

I was inspired by the GDT challenge @ HSS , by the talented Kandis Smith, who inspired us to make a card and use ribbon in a different way. I used my SavvyNSassy ribbon from this month's kit.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

busy as a beaver..

that's me! ;)

Kristen from Serendipity Scrapbooks sent me some goodies to work with this month and here are the projects i did. I am just realizing no card! LOL, i think i always have a card in the mix. I also used my SavvyNSassy ribbons on these. On the wall hanging, I use the extra large ricrac and died it with my Butterscotch Color Wash. I also used tons of glimmer mists. hello wheatfield glimmer mist, my name is ellen and i love you! i really only used the dew drops before {sigh}

To check out the tuts on the tag, bag or wall hanging; click here. I

can you see the glimmer mist on this? i love how it has a greenish to it when you use it on the brown! go. get it. now.

And a tag goen bookmark! Again, Glimmer Mists and my color washes. go. get them. now. And these Adorn It clips are so versatile.

And here is a quick bag I altered for owen's wrestling match that I missed. I wanted to do something special for him.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I did some layouts for inked scrapbooking. Here is anam's blog if you are interested. if you are into ink, you should check it out. Yes, i have tatoos. One on each foot. I am not crazy inked up like brian is but I do like tatoos and considered it an art form. i was an art history major and took a wide variety of classes and i loved studying the history of tatooing. so, i got one. my dad practically had a stroke! i remember that day like it was yesterday. and i remember people always saying, how are you going to cover that up when it is on your foot? well... who said anything about covering them up?

Just love my Jillibean Soup goodies! I used that and Doodlebug polka dots! I get all my Doodlebug at HSS!

And this is the scrubster. the one in the middle of his back is actually unfinished. he needs to go back and get it filled in. but this is totally him..strong on the outside but a big softie on the inside! ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the Scrubster

I am just realizing i don't have brian, aka the scrubster, on my blog a lot and that isn't right! i do scrap him a lot, i do, really! he actually likes it, i can tell ;) supportive scrubsters are the best. he let's me do my thing with this hobby, work and life and i love that about him. we talked about me going back to school, again, at the end of the year. i mean, i did it when owen was 18 mos. so why not when henry we'll see. i have a lot to do to get ready for that. recommendations, getting touch with my old profs, applications, not sure if i have to take my GRE's again or not...well, it doesn't sound that great now that i think about!

here is a Maya Road album that i made with the Serendipity Scrapbooks altered kit this month. it was jam packed with Teresa Collins goodies and LYB. it's a pretty simple album but it just felt "done" to me.

don't forget the crop at Serendipity this weekend! lots of girls from prevous DT's will be there and Maya Road gave us some extra goodies to give away. THANK YOU! ;)

I used Tim Holtz Red Distressed Embossing powder {yeah!} and i layerd it over off white crackle paint. I cover my albums with paint first before I do anything else. I that way when I sand them and then stuff, you can see the paint. Plus, owen loves to help me do it :)

I layered the LYB Clearcut over the photo and did some journaling and added some eyelets!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon

Who loves Ribbon?!

check out the latest and greatest kits from SavvyNSassy!

AND they are having an AWESOME contest this month! you can win a ribbon kit for A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR!!!!!!!! click here for more details. seriously. don't wait.


the next prompt is up over at Forward Progress. REMEMBER. we are scrappin' about the future, ladies! click here to check out the prompt.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday!

the strep bug has plagued our house again this week but it is not bringin' me down {this is the 3rd time i have had it since november!} bleh. "ain't no one gonna slow me down...oh got to keep on movin" watermelon, watermelon, watermelon...
don't you love that song? my sister and best friends were in town this weekend for henry's birthday so we went to 80's night and we screamed the words to every song. and, did you know, when you don't know the words to a song, just mouth watermelon over and over again and it looks like you know the words!

you would laugh if you knew my friend stacy who doesn't know the words to any song, it is too funny.

so in celebration of my girls, here is a layout i did of us at the PA wine festival last year. we go ever year so if you live near the Poconos in PA {not far from NJ or NY} look me up! we have a blast and our boys go too and they just chill in the tent.

and this last one is another layout i did superbowl weekend at one of my crops. i busted out the stamps and paint to make some flowers & just journaled about me and 2008 and that i am looking forward to just chillin' in 2009.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I was crazy busy Superbowl Weekend at few crops. Let me tell you, it was so fun to be participating and not having to run anything! I got 10+ lo's and projects done. I figured since my Eagles got the boot, i would scrap. It was awesome. I dove into into the stash and had a blast. Here are a few I did...


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Paper Fortune Cookies

I made these and posted a tutorial over at Serendipity Scrapbooks. I used some GCD Chianti papers and added ribbon from the January Love Notes Ribbon Kit from SavvyNSassy. If you ordered the LYB love notes papers, get this kit! It coordinates perfectly.

this project leads me to what i am thankful for...being fortunate. i am. i know it. it doesn't always feel that way. but i am and thankful for it.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I have a Crush on Love Notes ;)

First and foremost i want to apologize for not visiting blogs that much this past week. henry has had a fever since monday night, my grandma was ill and i had a million things to do AND i am afraid to admit this to so many of you, but we have dial up yet. ACK! i know, so when i go and do blog hopping it takes me HOURS, LMBO! BUT, keep your fingers crossed b/c we are supposed to get 8" of snow tuesday and if those guys aren't at my house wednesday, i will be opening a can of you-know-what----> ellen style! ;)

we didn't get highspeed b/c we we were waiting and waiting and waiting and every time we talked to Verizon they said a few months. Well, the heck with that. We looked into cable and Direct Tv would have charged us a gazillion to cancel with them and then we were moving and now we are not so here comes the cable! woohoo..mama's gonna have some fast movin' internet!

that leads me to what i am thankful for...TECHNOLOGY. nuff said.

anyway, now that i am done with embarassing myself, LOL! here are some layouts from Serendipity Scrapbooks Altered kit. I will upload my album later this week so i don't overload my computer ;) Kristen jam-packed these kits with LYB Love Notes, Tersesa Collins Crush and tons of ribbon, LYB clear cuts, oh and some Luxe pp, too.