Sunday, February 01, 2009

I have a Crush on Love Notes ;)

First and foremost i want to apologize for not visiting blogs that much this past week. henry has had a fever since monday night, my grandma was ill and i had a million things to do AND i am afraid to admit this to so many of you, but we have dial up yet. ACK! i know, so when i go and do blog hopping it takes me HOURS, LMBO! BUT, keep your fingers crossed b/c we are supposed to get 8" of snow tuesday and if those guys aren't at my house wednesday, i will be opening a can of you-know-what----> ellen style! ;)

we didn't get highspeed b/c we we were waiting and waiting and waiting and every time we talked to Verizon they said a few months. Well, the heck with that. We looked into cable and Direct Tv would have charged us a gazillion to cancel with them and then we were moving and now we are not so here comes the cable! woohoo..mama's gonna have some fast movin' internet!

that leads me to what i am thankful for...TECHNOLOGY. nuff said.

anyway, now that i am done with embarassing myself, LOL! here are some layouts from Serendipity Scrapbooks Altered kit. I will upload my album later this week so i don't overload my computer ;) Kristen jam-packed these kits with LYB Love Notes, Tersesa Collins Crush and tons of ribbon, LYB clear cuts, oh and some Luxe pp, too.


Meg Giroux said...

Hey Ellen!
I can relate to the dial up problem, We didnt have comcast till last March!!!! I hated dial up so I know how you feel!!!
Great layouts girl! the one with your little guy with the Poofs is so cute!

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Hi, Ellen! Those LO rock!!
I'm so excited taht you will still be with SS on making the new DT team again!! CONGRATS!!
I will miss some of the others and at least a few of you are still left! Im looking forward to the new ones too! I will miss Chelle! I hope she will still drop in once in awhile!
Michelle H.

Lacintha said...

Super duper cute stuff, Ell...I hope poor baby is feeling better.It just sucks when the smallies are sick :(

I have some eye-candy on my bloggity for you ;)

Pamela said...

Great pages! I love them! Also wanted to pop in and say congratulations on making guest designer over at My Creative Mess. :)

Susan Stringfellow said...

Totally love all 3 but that poofs layout is really creative with the background you chose and the frame useage. Love it!

Oh and I love Chianti toooo.... not just the paper. :)