Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ok...last post of the year, just like everyone else. Start those resolutions (personal & scrapbookin') lol!!!

let's see what mine are....of course the extra post baby weight I need to lose for hubby and i are also thinking of maybe having another inspiration for my scrapbooking (and it is not another dog :) ... submit some things to get published...maybe try out for a DT...stay involved in the new online communities i have joined and love... do more good deeds...and most of happy, healthy, and try to be a better person/wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

okay so our website for customized scrapbooks and altered items is officially up and running. A HUGE thanks to Chris Kayes @ DesignKart for doing this for us. He was a referral from a friend of the family and ToTaLLy worth it! check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't scrapped much in the past few days b/c of the hustle and bustle but I am going in headfirst tomorrow so hopefully I will have some good stuff for tomorrow.

I did post for the first time to the BG gallery! There is some Great stuff out there!

okay..time to run for today...cheers!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am sooooo honored! I just found out within the last few days that I have asked to be a DT Member of Dragonflaire ( AND a guest designer in March 2007 for Savvy n Sassy (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first time (s)! Thank you sooooo much and please make sure you check these sites...they are up and coming and going to rock the scrappin' world one layout at a time!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

after hours of training myself...i have finally learned how to update the links on the right side of my blog! rock on, I say!!!!

i added my favs and of course, the site my sister, mom, and i put together!!!! we love it!!!!!!

have a safe weekend all...time to spend some time with the fam

Thursday, December 14, 2006

happy thursday!!! lovin'my 3 bugs in a rug stuff!!!!! this is my son and hsi dad on a right at a local amusement park called knoebels! hold on, buddy!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

okay so i ams o fed up with trying to get my links on the right side of this....i am NOT computer illiterate! i swear! i need to get some scrappers tomy blog instead of stalking everyone elses, right????

okay so have been working on some stuff...found some new forums out there that LoVe! and ! In additon to the other ones i stalk.... and ! LoVe these cozy sites, it is a little intimidating jumping on to them but i try to have fun with it...

anyone out there ever try a star album???? been working on these like mad. this is a small one...learned these at an SDV last august and buried my pattern and just came across it...making it for my girls..we went to cali this summer for my bff's sister's wedding....ToO many MeMoRiEs!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

what a crazy couple of days! i have been working esp hard these days getting some things ready for a Dt supbmission and I am not sure what I am thinking but I think I should go for it! But it is really hard to keep it all together while I am applying for jobs as well. I def. couldnt' do it if I was working full time.

went shopping yesterday, malls are crazy and so are the people. I love giving or I wouldn't put myself through it. Next year I need to make more things myself to give!

bought the new energy saving light bulbs though and I think it is important. If we would all just replace a few bulbs we could make such a difference in the CO2 output we create. My husband thinks I am nuts, esp when I pick things out of the garbage to recycle etc but I think it is necessary. We would really like to have a green car of some kind but they are just not affordable enough yet for us. We need to plant 3 trees next year to help get to our goal of zero CO2 for this house but I think we can do it. When I think of what a pain in the butt it is, I think about our son and what the world is going to be like for him when we are no longer here.

gonna post one of my fav pics in the whole world...our little man upside down. luv him! enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

okay, so i don't make that many paper bag albums anymore but i made this one as a donation to a local charity. and in this one i made some of my own paper. i have been really trying to do more of this lately with paints etc.

this particular paper i took leaves from outside, maple leaves, pressed them and then used them as a stencil. i painted over one and spray painted the other with speckle paint. it was fun and i think it turned out pretty good!

my neighbors must of thought i was nuts b/c i did it outside in the driveway!?!!??!?

fun stuff.... and for a good cause!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

what a morning...i couldn't get moving until 10 am and that was with lots of coffee!

so i am working on invites for a someone and of course i made them too complicated! they are for a friend so i wouldn't do anything less!

so i am loving red lately! i dont' know why i hve been working with it so much, its intensity, i guess. it really fits my son, he is a pretty intense little kid. his dad and i are pretty laid back, at least i think so i am not sure where it comes from! pushing boundaries too, man can that kid push some boundaries! but that he got from me!!!

i have been trying to incorporate my own painting in layouts too so we'll see how that goes!

oh ...p.s....get the new sarah mclaughlin holiday cd! it is really really really good!

Monday, December 04, 2006

okay so it officially begins! my blog. I have this account set up for some time now but today it starts.

i recently quit my job and i have some time now before i have to committ to full time employment again so i am going to make the best of it! i am also dedicating my time the art of scrapbooking. i love it and i want to start taking advantage of the opportunities out there for those of us who work so diligently in this area.

recently, i have really been working on taking better can have the best layout but if you pic isn't so hot, what is the point. I saw a great title said "even though the picture isn't clear, the memory is!" i wrote that one down b/c i have sooooo many pics that aren't worth sharing. digital has helped with this trememdously though but i have so much to learn about taking good pics.

speaking of that, my camera broke recently so i can't even do that...using my advantix right now, LOVELY! okay...time to run, i am sorting through some stuff to start posting to my gallery....

have fun with it!