Wednesday, September 26, 2007

soooooo TOOTY TOOT TOOT! Lots going on ...I got a fun email from Drea and the gang over at Scrapadilly to be on their team over there! Can't wait...they are so much fun! i mean..the joking, the sacarsm, the scrapping~does it get any better???

Also I got these of my cards posted on the Luxe Blog which is fun! Thanks for all your comments guys! I appreciate it! The Goodies were from the review items I got from Serendipity Scrapbooks, SavvyNSassy Ribbon, a RAK from the ladies at AtoZ and some goodies i got from Happy Scrappin' Scrapbooking.
OH!!!!! AND DON'T FORGET...WHO WANTS TO WIN A CRICUT????????? stop by HSS this weekend for the Scrap Pink Crop and support breast cancer!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

soooo look at my little man's new do! too funny...we are shaving it in a couple days b/c i have to go see my mom but he loves it...he keeps looking at himself in the mirror!

thanks for all the boy names...we have a few that we really like and keep coming back to ... well actually two that we keep coming back to and we have liked since the beginning...isn't that was like with owen...when we heard that name we just new it was "the name". Now middle names, LOL...that is a different story...

so here are a few of my DT uploads from HSS! You know how i love my closeups!
PLEASE don't forget to stop by, donate some $ towards the kit for Breast Cancer and play all weekend. It will be a ton of fun. My new friend Erika stopped by and I am so excited! Sharon is giving away a CRICUT. AH, yes, a cricut! See...

1st Prize Cricut Expression Machine

2nd Prize Cricut Machine

3rd Prize Cuttlebug Machine & many other prizes!

Doesn't that Rock? Her and Big Daddy are so generous. Along with what they give us to play with! Honestly though..these layouts were so hard to photograph for me..they were too thick to scan so I had to take pics of them and it wasn't easy this time for some reason...must have been one of those days. Oh and some close ups {you know how i love them}

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oops! sorry about the double post last time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...look at this sneaky peaky from Serendipity Scrapbooks! Ah...a Maya Road alterable and lots of 2Daisies! wahoo!

Let's see..i had to take a break from writing a treatment plan. Sometimes you just need to take a step back. I just hurt for these kids much abuse and neglect, it is so scary. I know brian and i talked about this, that when this baby and owen are older that we are definitely opening our home to an older child, one that needs a healthy and happy home.

So ANYWAY! There is a fun crop going on over at Scrapperie this weekend that i might engage in...sounds like fun! i haven't participated in one, just helped run them, so i think it will be fun!!!

So....since we all know the baby is a boy....any boy names you really like? We have a few that we really like but i love to hear some suggestions!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A couple of you guys have asked for some belly shots and i am shy that way...LOL plus getting brian and i together so i can actually get him behind the camera is another story as well....

oh yeah..cans someone tell my WHY the HAVE to make prego shorts with big fat pockets on the butt? like it isn't getting big enough on its own..

here is a shot on our way to the grocery store...oh and one more ultrasound went far, until they analyze it a bit more...i went early at 19 weeks versus 21 when they like to do it and i might get called back b/c some of things were hard to still praying all is well...AND I COULDN'T STAND IT...i needed to's a BOY!

the story is quite funny...there was an envelope involved...lots of lauhing {including Mike, my new found friend, who did the ultrasound} scribbling on the envelope so no one {me} would cheat. Brian and i were laughing so hard in the waiting room fighting over who kept the envelope that we had the entire place laughing "with" us...too funny! Mike actually had to stop part of the ultrasound b/c i was laughing so hard...i have been giddy the last few days and, lemme tell ya, it feels good!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

anyone ready for some serendipity love? here are some more dt projects from serendipity scrapbooks...Kristen really knows how to combine product. Love these Luxe and Stemma pp's...two Manufacturers I never really dabbled with before! So glad I got the chance to. Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday weekend!
we had another "incident" with owen's toe...he is losing his toenail from the infection he had a month or so ago and it got caught on something and practically ripped completely off. There was blood everywhere! argh! after his busted lip last week, that is enough blood for me. anyway, his foot is pretty nasty so we didn't go swimming yesterday so summer is officially over for me!
time to get out the pumpkins!