Monday, April 30, 2007

so i made this little pageframe guy for a challenge over at busybee but after i uploaded it, i thought maybe someone might take it the wrong way.

this quote is just too much for me! i love it! gladys from the ellen degeneres show said this and i saw it the first time she had her on and i never laughed so hard in my life.

the funny thing is now she has her on all the time and is selling this as tshirt and donating the proceeds to meals on wheels. love her generosity!

though i don't talk about it a lot, my faith is very strong. so enjoy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ok so has anyone ever shop at the white house black market? it is my most favorite store ever to shop at! register and you get 5% every order and free shipping online!!!! anyway the spirit of earth day they changed their catalog and to a post consumer recycled product and they had this killer quote from Ghandi on it...i had to take a photo of it and share....i also cut it out to scrap! lol! ps you have to get the catalog...the online one just doesn't do it!

ok so what else.... OH YEAH...i have been TAGGED by emine! i have to post 7 random things about myself and tag 7 other people! ok, it goes!

1. i played rugby in college
2. i love to drink lots of wine..heehee
3. gardening and yard work is my fav thing to do next to scrappin'
4. i got my first pub coming out in may!
5. i was in a really bad car accident when i was 15 and the doctor told me he was surprised i made it through
6. my maiden name is Heinly (Blah!)
7. i would eat sushi everyday if i could

ok...who i tag....

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ok so a few things to start off the weekend....i am updating the blogs i like to go visiting so if you want to meet some cool chicas with great stuff, then pls go check them out!

also i got a super nice email from Colleen who is managing the fundraising for the ladies running the marathon for Leukemia/Lymphoma...sending her thanks and mentioning my blog and lo's etc...very nice words, girl...thanks...

I don't know if anyone has ever lost anyone to these diseases, or any other for that matter, but these girls are doing something for a good cause. I lost one of my best friends my senior year in college on December 7. I will never forget getting the call from Becky at 4am with the news that Nat had lost her battle with Leukemia. She had just come to visit me that summer in Boulder, CO on her way back to San Diego to gather the rest of her things to move back to PA permanently. She had finally shaved her hair, a decision that was very hard for her as she had this crazy curly hair down to her but since I knew her.

I remember getting the letter from her just two years before in my dorm and reading that she hasn't been feeling well...tired..sick...rundown ~not like Nat at all~ and she went to the doctor for blood work and they found it. She was going to have to do lots of treatments but she wasn't giving up. From listening to her and seeing her, I knew it was serious and we were so young...only 19 years old...
Anyway, her and Ted (my freshman formal date, LOL) stayed for a few days in Boulder and we had a good time. The one thing we never talked about was her disease, we talked about the people she met along the way at the hospital, some that lost their battle and some that were in remission. It was a short visit, much shorter when I realized it was the last time I would see her. She was a terrific and passionate friend, something that I learned from her. I also learned from her to celebrate life...she would not have wanted us to sit around and cry for her but to live for her, that I do know. So tonight at my girls night out, I will raise a toast to her and to life, as precious as it is.

The funny thing about all this is I have a matchbook from Nat that has her info when she moved to San was the only thing I could find to write on at the time and I have saved it ever since. I keep it one of my bins with my scrapbooking stuff so when I go digging for inspiration I find it. So when I heard some scrapbooking ladies needed some support, I knew it was the least I could do.
PEACE to everyone and don't forget to remember the Earth! Every day should be earth day, not just April 22nd.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

sooooooo.....found this GREAT new site that I am totally diggin'! love the laid back island feel of b/c, well, we all know how i feel about warm sunny places with a beach and a cocktail....IMAGINE if you could scrap there too???

ok...soooo...check out this rocking kit...

Ah yummy tinkering kit and hambly! two of my favs...looks like a kit that will keep going and would be in my in box by now but I have a few months left on two other kit clubs. Nicole, the site owner and local LSS owner keeps dropping hints about some other great things made just for these kits too...imagine exclusive items!

If you have some time go check it out and stop in and say hi!
So here is a lo I made for the call over there and another one i made about me and my scrubby and my struggles with letting people love me.
Again, PEACE to everyone.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

lots of donating going on out there! we got ladies running marathons and a family's fight for their 13 year old son with only a few months to live. Open your hearts and open your wallets! ;)

just wanted to share the love....esp with everything going on in the world today...a few bucks here and there so worth it and they add up!


Thanks so much and PEACE to everyone.

Monday, April 16, 2007

hmmmm....what to chat about...

maybe this nutso weather here on the east coast, scrappy couldn't even make it to work...he tried three different ways and could get up any of the hills or mountains b/c they were all shut down. You know it's bad when the man can't make it to work. The ice storms are crazy.

Had a good weekend despise losing Bud. My step-grandfather...he was so good to my grandma, she loved him...a different love than she had with my grandfather who died when i was 15. They had a good marriage but one that stayed together b/c it was supposed to. Bud was the love her life, he took her to dinner...dancing...rides in the convertible...they were too cute. My grandma was so upset in the beginning fo what people would think of her b/c they weren't married. I told her, "go for it grandma" be happy! and no one cared and if they did that they weren't really her true friends.

This is the lo I made for her. Bud was in the airforce and got this hat for owen. He never had children so he just loved owen so much...he and his first wife lost their only son when he was a few days old. So i framed this and gave it to her after the luncheon the day of the funeral.

It's all good. He is in a better place now, not suffering anymore.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

okay! the "mag"ster did it again with another rockin' kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to make some more stuff with it...made the hybrid card with the paper kit and the embellie kit!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Had a great weekend...hope everyone had a great holiday too!

isn't he cute...just like his mom!
i will upload some egg huntin' photos soon...i have to laugh at my sister, owen's aunt amber...she hid the eggs yesterday up at my parents and they were so hard to find. LOL...we had a good laugh at that one!
Scrapstreet Ezine wants to pick up one of my lo's about spring...isn't that cool?!?!?!?! the nod from my scrubby that it is ok to get a new camera! and a nice budget too! I can't wait to get back to work so i don't have to keep asking permission to buy stuff!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

leggy my eggy!

love my hambly wings!

owen and i had a super fun day outside. he loves my camera, it so cracks me up & let me just tell you how good he is. i cannot wait til i get my new one and he can play away with this one, supervised of course! i stand there with my hands under the camera while he is taking the photo in case he drops it!

okay so here is one of mine and one of his...can you tell which is which?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

*how cool is this????? i just love to stamp..even though i do hybrid now and lots of other stuff...i will ALWAYS stamp...letters, flowers..and my new fav~the office line!
*check out this list for TONS of inspirations! and please let me know whatcha think!

*******50 Ideas to do with your STAMPS!********

~~~check out number 50, this is my fav...owen and i do this all the time with this great set from Stampin' Up made just for tattoos! you can color them in! My layout over at Bampop is called TATS and that the subject of it! cool, eh?~~~

1. Use alphabet stamps to make your title on a strip of cardstock
2. Cut out the individual letters and pop dot them for an even jazzier title 3. Stamp directly on your photos
4. Get a personalized stamp with your return address for all your correspondence
5. Get a personalized stamp with “handmade by ____” to mark all your creations
6. Stamp a small image over and over again to make your own patterned paper
7. Try the above with Versamark ink for an even subtler background pattern
8. Stamp with acrylic paint
9. Use a phrase stamp on the inside of a card to make it even more professional-looking
10. Stamp lines in Versamark as a guide for straight handwritten journaling
11. Use an inkpad, without a stamp, directly on your paper to jazz up the edges
12. Stamp a flower and add a brad or eyelet for the center
13. Use small alphabet stamps to make captions for photos
14. Stamp a word on a tag to highlight the theme of your page
15. Stamp an image multiple times, color in and cut out the pieces to overlap and form your own paper piecing
16. Stamp an image and cut out, then pop dot or use on your page just like a sticker
17. Emboss your stamping for extra shine or the 3D effect
18. Use one set of stamps throughout an entire mini album to tie it all together
19. Use stamps to decorate the cover of a cloth album so that it coordinates with the theme of the pages inside
20. Practice stamping on scrap paper and use the result as a pretty bookmark
21. Use wheel stamps for handmade gift wrap
22. Use a wheel stamp to make patterned paper
23. Use a wheel stamp for a quick and easy border
24. Stamp on paperclay and punch a hole in the top to make your own charms
25. Stamp on a magnetic sheet and cut out for cute handmade magnets to give as a gift
26. Stamp an image in black ink and color it in
27. Stamp an image in clear ink and emboss in clear, then rub colored ink over the paper so that you get a reverse image
28. Stamp an image in black and use a sponge dipped in ink/pressed on the inkpad to color in the image – looks even better if you "don’t" stay inside the lines
29. Stamp in Versamark and dab chalk over the top for a softer image 30. You can also try stamping with chalk
31. Stamp a whole scene and mat it just like a photo
32. Overlap stamped images for a collage look
33. Use an alphabet stamp to make monogram patterned paper 34. Use word stamps to make interesting patterned paper
35. Try stamping your title with mismatched or different sizes of alphabet stamps for a funky/ransom note look
36. Customize your home d├ęcor by stamping on your walls
37. Stamp on fabric – aprons, dishtowels, tote bags, swatches for scrapbook pages, etc
38. Stamp the sides of a post-it note cube for a cute gift
39. Use stamps on your holiday cards – makes it easier to mass produce the same design over and over
40. Print business cards or address labels from your computer and stamp an image in the corner to jazz them up
41. Stamp off on scrap paper once before stamping so that the image is softer and you can read text through it
42. When making background paper, stamp two or three times before re-inking – you get even more ‘shades’ out of just one color this way
43. Use Staz-On ink to stamp on vellum or metal
44. Stamp on polyshrink and bake it to make your own plastic charms 45. Stamp on bottle caps for an even jazzier embellishment
46. Use a stamped image as the outline for creating a wire shape
47. Use a word stamp to stamp on ribbon or twill
48. Leave space in printed journaling to stamp a few words so that they stand out
49. Use stamps to fill in the smaller squares in a colorblocking page
50. Get non-toxic ink and stamp on yourself – makes a cool temporary tattoo! (kids love this one too).