Tuesday, April 03, 2007

leggy my eggy!

love my hambly wings!

owen and i had a super fun day outside. he loves my camera, it so cracks me up & let me just tell you how good he is. i cannot wait til i get my new one and he can play away with this one, supervised of course! i stand there with my hands under the camera while he is taking the photo in case he drops it!

okay so here is one of mine and one of his...can you tell which is which?


Lacintha said...

great pics..and I love your eggy!
I think the top-most pic is yours..am I right..am I right?....lol..

Eminepala said...

Hi Ellen

thank you girl for cheering for me LOL... I won't forget you when I'm FAMOUS bwahahaha...

THe pics are awesome... I can't guess wich one is yours LOL

And I love the hambly too.. You know that I'm a HAMBLY freak ;)