About Me

Almost 10 years ago I dove into a crafty life full force when I found Stampin' Up through a friend. I instantly became a consultant and found my love of paper.  I never looked back. Making my life a crafty one has been 10 years in the making.

I can honestly say I have altered almost anything and spend so much time in my craft studio that I have a space in there for my kids so they can craft with me, do their homework or just hang out.  Okay, I used to spend that much time in there but as of today, September 20th 2014, I am making the change BACK to the crafty life I miss so much.

Recently I have made the change for myself and my family to a more natural lifestyle. I have always been an avid recycler and pro-environmen. We have always tried to minimize our carbon footprint and take it very seriously.  When I started reading about all the dangerous chemicals we surround ourself in our homes every day, I almost died!

My father was recently diagnosed with a dementia and since then I have been doing research on things I can do that will help make my life healthier. I never realized we put so many chemicals on our skin. It's crazy! The average women puts over 10 different chemical on her skin every day through her skin care alone that cause hormone disruption, cancer causing agents, and more. And if I do, my KIDS do, too!

I found Lemongrass Spa products on my search for a natural deodorant and the rest is down hill from there.  We now use more natural products in our house not just on our bodies but to clean as well.

In this blog you will see a mix of me. This place used to be happening and I am bringing it BACK! A lot of craftiness. Some talk about my love of making this transition to a more natural way of life, stuff about the family, more crafting, some randomness and a whole lot of fun!

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