Saturday, August 23, 2008

phew! i am ffffffuuuuullll of inspiration! i love it. i could just feel it building in me this week. I think it was the nice weather. i had some of my kids out and we were doing relaxation techniques and i was making grass people and every since then i couldn't wait to get into some paper.

and i am a flocking FOOL! i had the flock, glitter {doodlebug, of course :), spray washes and paint out last night!!!

i just have to say these layouts are flocking wonderful.
LOL! jk, you know me...the sarcasm just rolls right off me.

I flocked the bricks {flocking bricks! lol, again, i can't help it} in the one layout and the flowers in the other.

A huge thanks to the ladies over at Simply Obsessed for the inspo with this kit and the Rose Moka pp!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

these 2 weeks have been so emotional for me. everything has come to a head for me...the house, my job, owen, henry, brian, missing my sister, not going to the celtic festival this weekend. but the sadness is over. BYGONES. DONE. GOODBYE.

This is the first time i have ever found creativity in sadness if that makes any sense at all. The thing is i couldn't scrap owen. I will though. tonight was good watching him play soccer tonight, explaining his scars again. BYGONES. DONE. GOODBYE.

Today finalized something for me about scrapping my future. Stay tuned on that one.

Thanks for letting me vent the past few days. I am done with all that and ordering some boots from Urban Outfitters. Specifically these. I feel like I kicked some butt lately.

Or maybe some from Piperlime. I am diggin' this site. I can order shoes for me, owen and brian all in one shot. yup. nice. or their are these lovelies from Black House White Market...hmmmm...decisions! hello Judly sling back~meet ellen!

oh and i didn't even check out Anthropologie yet!

these boots were made for walkin' know the rest!

Or maybe the Bind-it-all. Feel free to vote!

I leave you these...two layouts with some Fancy Pants love that I got from HSS. And the Pageframe star! THANK YOU SHARON!!! I sprayed some Tim Holtz spray washes on it {Stream} and then sprayed it with glitter adhesive {a new FAVE of mine} and then while it was still tacky...i added Doodlebug Glitter and voila! they made green but funky, sparly kinda fun greenish blue and yellowish!

Oh and pop up dots. Please. Could i go through one more packet of these??? LOL!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

owen's stitches came out today! he is pretty much back to normal already. hard to believe he looked like this a week ago.

i am scrapping today, though. i am glad to get over all of this. i guess this is one of those not so fun scrappy moments!

i hope everyone has a great weekend! it is beautiful here in pa!

and take a looky at this pretty kit! october afternoon. ACK! available at Simply Obsessed. too bad the house didn't sell yet, lol.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

just checking in from vacation and what a vacation it has been. a memorable one for sure.

the first full day we were here there was a pretty bad ATV accident. owen and greg flipped on the four wheeler down a thirty, or more, foot hill full of big rocks. i think greg saved owen from anything major. they life-flighted greg to Roanoke Hospital b/c he couldn't breathe. He has 3-5 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He is bruised all over. Owen's face is swollen and bruised. He has 3 stitches on his lip and some derma glue on his upper lip. They he was at 2 hospitals to make sure a spot on his CT scan was not anything major. Some vertabrate didn't look good so they double checked it. His face & upper body were so swollen & bruised he couldn't do anything.

He is fine now, though. LOL! he was jumping off the dock the next day and we were on the boat a few days later. KIDS!

I just feel so bad. I wasn't here when it happened but brian saw the entire thing. We went outside the next day and brian showed me where they fell and my heart sank. I took a pic of it b/c you wouldn't believe me if i told you.

So, all of owen's 5th bday pics will be a memory of this event. But a good one now that we know they are okay!

thanks for letting me write it down, feels good to get if off my chest. Time to move on.

AND some good news. Don't forget the Ali Edwards chat at Serendipity Scrapbooks on AUGUST 19!!!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

ACK!!! I can't believe I almost forgot to post this!

Simply Obsessed's Birthday crop is starting now...RUN DON"T WALK over there! They have great crops...i got so much done from the last one and this crop is an Ice Cream theme! FUN!

And Check out this limited edition Rose Moka kit!!! ACK! i got mine!!! :) they are only the 3rd company right now to get their hands on those papers!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

well, it is with sadness that i leave you all for AN AWESOME WEEK AT MY SISTER'S IN VIRGINIA VEGGING ON THE PONTOON {SP?} BOAT with margaritas and rafts!!!!!!!!!!!


i don't mean to rub it in, okay...yes i do!!!

just a few things before i go....

Ali Edwards is coming to Serendipity Scrapbooks!!! AND lots of CHA goodies are being TI and Glitz and Dream STreet!

here are some deets for the Ali chat:
from more info click here

Where: Serendipity Scrapbooks chat room (under general chat)
When: August 19, 2008
Time: 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 7 pm Mtn, 6 pm PST

This is the perfect timing to chat with Ali Edwards and learn more about her new book that will be coming out in August.

Sharing Your Story: Recording Life's Details with Mini Books by Ali Edwards
Discover the fun, fast and easy way to capture and document the everyday moments of your life. With CK lifestyle editor Ali Edwards’ expertise, you’ll learn how to record the important stories of your life, store the memorabilia that matters, track the special events, make memorable gifts and more—all in the beautiful and doable format of mini books. You’ll love the dozens of practical and meaningful book ideas for every occasion. 164 pages. Available August 2008.

If you are new or unfamiliar with Ali, here is a little bit about her and her accomplishments.

An advocate for not making things more complicated than they need to be & embracing imperfection, Ali shares cool concepts, design, and project ideas in her idea books: A Designer’s Eye for Scrapbooking, A Designer’s Eye for Scrapbooking with Patterned Paper, Life Artist, and Sharing Your Story: Recording Life's Details with Mini Books (available August 2008).

You can also find Ali's monthly column in Creating Keepsakes magazine: Studio A

"I started scrapbooking in 2002 as a way to organize all the stuff I collected after the birth of my son. It has become so much more than an organizational process for me - it has let me find my own personal passion and voice. It has become all about the process of capturing life and creating art."

Well known for her signature style of everyday-life scrapbooking, Ali is a highly sought-after workshop instructor. She travels the US and internationally conducting classes and inspiring students to tell their stories fearlessly.

Ali lives in Eugene, Oregon. She enjoys travel, reading, politics, and spending time with her husband and son.

You can read more about Ali on her blog

We are so excited and can't wait to see you there!!!

and last but not of my new favorite manufacturers and sold exclusively at Scrapadilly...Green Geco Albums {cute name, too}

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Friday was upload day at Serendipity Scrapbooks! I use the Just Enough Kit and let me tell you, it was more than enough! The Heather Baily and Black Market pps are awesome! Oh and some Twisted Cherry exclusive designs!

Here are a few things I worked on.