Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oops! sorry about the double post last time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...look at this sneaky peaky from Serendipity Scrapbooks! Ah...a Maya Road alterable and lots of 2Daisies! wahoo!

Let's see..i had to take a break from writing a treatment plan. Sometimes you just need to take a step back. I just hurt for these kids much abuse and neglect, it is so scary. I know brian and i talked about this, that when this baby and owen are older that we are definitely opening our home to an older child, one that needs a healthy and happy home.

So ANYWAY! There is a fun crop going on over at Scrapperie this weekend that i might engage in...sounds like fun! i haven't participated in one, just helped run them, so i think it will be fun!!!

So....since we all know the baby is a boy....any boy names you really like? We have a few that we really like but i love to hear some suggestions!


shelley said...

ok - we had tons picked out for a boy and only one for girl - so here are my choices i was working through (apparently i've got a thing for presidents...)

Ben (just ben, not benjamin)

Melonie said...

I had Owen on my list when we had Evan. Really liked it but we already knew an Owen. LOL! Aside from those 2 I like Gavin too.

Kelly said...

ummm...Garrett, Owen, Sawyer..I have lots of names for all these kids I *might* have some day LOL

Gina said...

Yea, boy!!! I don't have any boy name ideas, though. However, I've caught up on your latest're rockin' and smokin' hot preggo mama!

Love your blog, btw, mind if I like it in my blog?

Rachael said...

My personal favorite boy name is Jack! :)

Congrats on the boy!!

Thought about you this weekend as we were on our way to Knoebel's!!

Tricia said...

Beautiful creation!!!!

Well, I am partial to Tanner but I loved Seth and Preston when I was preggers!

dougnat said...

Hi Ellen, I like my boys names! Kadin and Bryson. I also like
Jack and we were going to name our boys Brock but changed our mind after they were born!

Nicole Carro said...

Hmmm names? I'm lucky Jackson actually got named - that was the only boys' name we could agree on. I like Derek, Andrew, and Braylon too.

Anonymous said...