Saturday, December 09, 2006

what a crazy couple of days! i have been working esp hard these days getting some things ready for a Dt supbmission and I am not sure what I am thinking but I think I should go for it! But it is really hard to keep it all together while I am applying for jobs as well. I def. couldnt' do it if I was working full time.

went shopping yesterday, malls are crazy and so are the people. I love giving or I wouldn't put myself through it. Next year I need to make more things myself to give!

bought the new energy saving light bulbs though and I think it is important. If we would all just replace a few bulbs we could make such a difference in the CO2 output we create. My husband thinks I am nuts, esp when I pick things out of the garbage to recycle etc but I think it is necessary. We would really like to have a green car of some kind but they are just not affordable enough yet for us. We need to plant 3 trees next year to help get to our goal of zero CO2 for this house but I think we can do it. When I think of what a pain in the butt it is, I think about our son and what the world is going to be like for him when we are no longer here.

gonna post one of my fav pics in the whole world...our little man upside down. luv him! enjoy!!!