Wednesday, December 13, 2006

okay so i ams o fed up with trying to get my links on the right side of this....i am NOT computer illiterate! i swear! i need to get some scrappers tomy blog instead of stalking everyone elses, right????

okay so have been working on some stuff...found some new forums out there that LoVe! and ! In additon to the other ones i stalk.... and ! LoVe these cozy sites, it is a little intimidating jumping on to them but i try to have fun with it...

anyone out there ever try a star album???? been working on these like mad. this is a small one...learned these at an SDV last august and buried my pattern and just came across it...making it for my girls..we went to cali this summer for my bff's sister's wedding....ToO many MeMoRiEs!!!