Monday, December 04, 2006

okay so it officially begins! my blog. I have this account set up for some time now but today it starts.

i recently quit my job and i have some time now before i have to committ to full time employment again so i am going to make the best of it! i am also dedicating my time the art of scrapbooking. i love it and i want to start taking advantage of the opportunities out there for those of us who work so diligently in this area.

recently, i have really been working on taking better can have the best layout but if you pic isn't so hot, what is the point. I saw a great title said "even though the picture isn't clear, the memory is!" i wrote that one down b/c i have sooooo many pics that aren't worth sharing. digital has helped with this trememdously though but i have so much to learn about taking good pics.

speaking of that, my camera broke recently so i can't even do that...using my advantix right now, LOVELY! okay...time to run, i am sorting through some stuff to start posting to my gallery....

have fun with it!