Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Wreath with Glue Arts

This wreath is featured over at the Core blog for the Glue Arts Blog swap we had this week. This time of year is all about fall and with that time of year comes the time to be thankful for all we have.
I have made it a point to be thankful more often and to thank God about what I have and not what I want. For me it's about giving my thanks to the universe, knowing that more will come by being thankful than wanting and needing all the time.  It has brought an amazing kind of peace for me. Not wanting and needing things but just living be's a bit hard to explain I guess.

  With that being said... there are some special things about this wreath that I am very thankful for.  I am so thankful for my role over at Core. I love the people, have met friends that will be a part of my life forever, love the company, and of course the product!!!! And recently, I have had the opportunity to travel and I love to travel. Sometimes I wonder if I have a restless soul or something. I tell Brian all the time..when you are ready to move out of the US for another adventure let me know!

The  leaves on here were cut in the Netherlands when I was there doing some work for  Core. The Sizzix booth was next to me and Peter, one of their designers, demo'd the Vagabond and cut these leaves for me. They are gorgeous! The rich fall colors from the Tim Holt Kraft-Core collection are just perfection and to be able to create something from that means a lot. It's funny, too, because Brian was there with me and we all met up for dinner after work and Peter and Brian were like long lost brothers. They had so much in common it was crazy! It's amazing the way people come into your life.

Also the wooden spool is from my husband's grandfather's sewing kit. His grandfather was a tailor in the Navy. When he came home from Pearl Harbor (he floated on a mattress for days until he was rescued) he was the town MilkMan. They called him Willy the Milkman and he also sewed clothes, drapes and did repairs. I love hearing my husband's stories of driving in the truck with him delivering milk when he was a boy.  We are blessed to have his sewing machine in our home and all of his supplies including hundreds of wooden spools like this.

Please click on the images to make them larger and to see more detail:

You still have time to win over at Core'dinations and Glue Arts!!!!!



Lynn said...

How cool is that adding a piece of history to your beautiful wreath!!! Its so easy to take good things for granted is it not.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is gorgeous! I loveeeeeeeeeeee those leaves...and loving the story about brian's grandpa!! That is AWESOME!!! What a great way to add history to your wreath! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Mara... said...

This is a gorgeous work of art!! It's so pretty, Ellen. I love it.

Rebecca said...

How beautiful--the burlap wrapped wreath is so rustic and the Core leaves look amazing!

dstandard said...

Awesome Ellen! This is just fabulous!

Linda Beeson said...

This is so beautiful! One of my favorite things are fall leaves. I just got some of that Tim Holtz paper and wow do I love it and it is perfect for your leaves.

Melonie said...

OOH!! Ellen I love it! So pretty and so very FALL:)

Cath said...

Beautiful project, Ellen! :)