Tuesday, January 30, 2007

so The View had a program on autism yesterday and I just can't believe how autism touches so many lives and I didn't realize it before the last few weeks. I definitely want to learn more about it and do my part. With so many of us still thinking of children in our lives, it is important to be aware of these things. Especially since boys are 4 times more likely to develop autism than girls. 1 in 166 children develop autism and it is the fastest grown development disease in the states right now???!??!? I got this information from the organization called Autism Speaks.

If anyone wants to know about a good cause check out this website....
http://www.autismspeaks.com/. The first thing you will see in the intro are the words, "Autism Speaks...For those who Cannot"...pretty powerful stuff. I believe that knowledge is power and an even better tool...let's start using, eh?

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