Friday, January 26, 2007

Okay so I officially entered the Amazing Crop Race II at Timeless Inspirations! How much fun is this going to be!!! Such a great idea and they really pick challenging things for you to work on. First challenge was to "press it or dress it". So many great ideas...some people ironed crayon shavings which I have heard of but never tried...someone used a pocket from jeans, onther person used the little flowers from her daughters shoes!!!

I chose the dress it too, and used a scarf that I had. It is Asian inspired and has great colors...It was hard to work with though because it was very stretchy, almost like it had some spandex in it or something....Anyway, it was soooo fun! I am adding the link to the right and including it here so please please please go to the gallery and check otu the amazing talent there! I am registered as howdee by the way...heeheehee!!! Don't forget to check out the store! Big sale right now!!!!!

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Kelly said...

Great entry...I was really having issues with the challenge, lol- you did great!