Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cuttlebug Weekly Challenge and Some Blogger Awards

Just wanted to share a card for the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog Be Inspired challenge. We got to use the wonderful digi stamps from Digital Designs. Since I don't have copics and am not a watercolor kinda stamping kinda girl, I printed out the stamp on a scrap paper and then cut it apart. Then I traced bits and pieces of the stamp on Core'dinations and some Dream Street new Spooktacular Halloween paper and added them to the stamp I printed out on cardstock {the grass and outline of the tombstone}. Then i added some googley eyes b/c i love them ;) Using your scoring tools on the black magic Core'dinations is the bomb! That is how i created this super easy border around the card to let the orange show through. { i think i need a better closeup}

Then i used that same yummy Dream Street paper for the inside of the card with the Digi Stamp Halloween sentiment!

I just want to give a quick "shout out" to Citrus Tree Studios. They are having a dt call there, i would highly recommend it. the kits are GORGEOUS! unfortunately since we are on a budget these days i haven't been able to splurge on one but it is the first place i am when i can!

Here is a wall hanging i did with the Serendipity Scrapbooks Just Enough Kit. How flippin' COOL is it that kristen put guaze in the kit???????? AND these COOL foam houses?????? sorry, the googley eyes don't come with the kit, that is just my weird obsession with them.

Chris AND Julie gave me this cool blogger award! thanks guys ;)

So I have to list 10 honest things about myself...

1. i am not always honest. BAWAHAHAAWA! now let me clarify that...i am not always honest with myself about things such as the need to slow down, say no, things of that nature....

2. i am really really really really really really really bad at paperwork and both of my jobs need me to be good at it.

3. i can't stand smacking noises. smacking when you eat goes through me and when i hear that smacking noise of kissing on tv i have to change the channel!

4.i wanted to be an art historian and run a museum one day but i chose to move to colorado with my boyfriend and " be free" and then i just never followed that dream

5. i struggle with my faith everyday. i know a lot of people that i met online always seem so sure in this area but my faith isn't like that.

6. i never wanted to have kids. let me rephrase that...i never saw myself as a mom, in a house, cooking, with dogs and a husband... i wanted to live in NYC in a loft and just do my own thing but i met brian and he changed all that for me. now, i can't imagine not having them in my life and cherish every day with them.

7. i love my friends and think spending time with them is just as important as spending time with my family. i never understood how some people never have friends they hang out with.

8. i could eat pizza for every meal of every day.

9. i love sports and desperately want season tickets to the Phillies one day!

10. last but not least, i am a wino. i love to have a class of shiraz or cabernet when i come home from work and sit down to relax and do homework with owen.

okay here are my 9 fan-tabulos ladies!


have a great week!


Pearl said...

Adorable projects as always , Ellen !!! You rawk the Halloween projects !

& I spy my name at the bottom of this blog post ! I wonder why ?! lol ;)

Thanks for sharing these little nuggets about yourself !

Jocelyn said...

Oh I love all the Halloween goodies!!!! I loved reading the random facts about you!!! Wishing you a great week!!!! :-)

laterg8r said...

most people refer to me as laterg8r so when I saw 'carrie' i thought, wonder who that is, clicked on it and it was me LOL! surprise! thanks so much for the award - off to be honest on my blog :D

Terrie B x said...

Ellen your creations are `spooktacular` TFS
Have a great week:)xxx

mustangkayla said...

You ROCK! You are always jam packed full of inspiration!

Beth said...

Ellen this is such a cute adorable ghost love those googlie eyes and that wall hanging ROCKS GF

Drea said...

Hey..........I see my name on this! LOL!! Thank you.

I am lovin' all your projects you made! Owen looks so cute in his costume!

Now let's identify some of what we have in common.

I HATE smackin' noises!! I also struggle with my faith.......it's sad that I do but here ya go. Wino? I'm with ya!! (Sitting here with a glass right now!)

Now about kids........I NEVER wanted kids. Nope, not a one. Then I met Mr. Wonderful....AND HAD 8!!

So........I swear we are related.

Shannon Wyman said...

OMG, I seriously love that project! Good to get caught up with you girl!

Linda Beeson said...

Cute stuff! Isn't it fun to play with new stuff?

Andrea Amu said...

Cute projects!

And thanks for the award! I'll be sure to give my ten... sometime soon!