Wednesday, April 29, 2009

paintin' in the house!


what a crazy week. man o man. we are painting the kitchen {edging is done}, the  entry way by the garage {done}, master bedroom and foyer/stairs upstairs/hallway upstairs. AND we are having a garage sale in 3 weeks so our literally....FULL! but i could not be more excited to sell this stuff and hopefully pay for a cuttlebug {shhhhhhhhhhh, the scrubster doesn't know that yet! LOL}

i have a little something here to share...i made this the other week from some AWESOME pageframe butterflies! i loooooooooooooove these things and this is my SECOND pack. sharon over at HSS sells them and is the owner of Pageframes.

i love little acrylic shapes {almost} as much as i love acrylic albums :) for these, just take your heat gun and heat up the middle of the butterfly until it begins to get soft {PLEASE use your tweezers for this!}. Once it gets soft, turn off the gun and bend the butterfly. Hold it there until it cools --it doesn't take long-- and voile! you have bent acrylic shapes.

I added some of my Mimosa Glimmer Mist to this frame. This frame is actually from an old Scarlet Lime kit i got awhile ago. 

Don't forget to check out the Bean Talk blog, I have a card over there!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Beautiful frame...I don't remember that Scarlet Lime kit. I was a subscriber for over a year. Of course, no more time than I've had time to scrap, it could be sitting in my scraproom waiting on me to find!

I feel your pain when it comes to painting. We've been stripping wallpaper and painting several rooms at my house too. Man is it alot of hard work! And my garage is full in hopes of having a garage sale. Long story, but I packed up tons of stuff for storage when I put my house on the market over a year ago. I eventually moved it all back home and it never got any further than the garage. One day I will get to it...but NOT today! lol!

Can't wait for you to get that cuttlebug and teach me a few tricks! Hope you have a great weekend!

Lisa T. Howard said...

One more thing! What do you mean you must have been are incredibly beautiful!!!

Jocelyn said...

So the happy feel and the butterflies are perfect!!!! Wow, I had the look when it is finished but man it is such a pain in the tail to get done! Good luck with the garage sale...I have one of them to do also!!!!! Happy Thursday!

Andrea Amu said...

This is just the sweetest Spring decorative frame!

Hey, after you are finished painting your rooms in your house, you can come here and paint some of mine! The invite is open, lol! No, I do want my kitchen painted, but not until we get new countertops and flooring, and that won't be til next year probably.

We are also having a yard sale (May 16th). Hope you can finally get that Cuttlebug... you'll love it!

vtpuggirl said...

Love the butterflies, so very pretty!

Shelagh G said...

Noticed you were one of the first followers for the Rapt In Paper site, thanks for joining us!

Love your altered work. Will be posting more images in the next few weeks of our range as it is released to the market, perfect for a hybrid scrapper like you.

Melanie said...

I've done the heatingthing with Heidi Swapp acetate embellishments and the result is stunning.

I love this frame, the pink and orange together is stunning.

Barbara A. Heinly said...

You amaze all that you accomplish. You challenge yourself everyday and your designs just keep getting better and better.