Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stamp Sale and Wrestling

LOL, stamps and wrestling...the day in the life of a scrapper :) AND i wanted to say thank you so much for all the comments on my post for the entry for CMK. i love love! ;)

first, owen had his first wrestling tournament this weekend. after only having 4 practices he did really well. phew. i was nervous, we all were! most of the parents were as nervous as me b/c their kids were young and inexperienced, too. but kids are so darn resilient. his last match was rough. that kid wrestled before and owen did everything he could not to get pinned. and there is me, lying on the mat with my camera and i didn't get one picture! i was too busy yelling, "roll over" and "use your legs". LMBO! i heard other people saying that earlier so i thought it might help. I mean, i am an athlete, won some state titles in my day but i am clueless about wrestling.

Here he is with brian after he was finished and the next one is owen and his best buddy {that is what he calls him, so cute} and the primary reason he is wrestling. his dad is the coach so, of course, owen wanted to wrestle.

NEXT. Unity Stamp Co. is having a sale! yup, yup, yup! a sale. 50% off, dollar stamps..what more could a girl ask for? check it out here and read more about it at Patter's blog here.


Melonie said...

OMG! Those pics of little wrestler Owen are too cute! Hope you have the happiest of holidays Girly!

scrappermimi said...

Oh Ellen...I browsed your blog and am totally loving it all! That kit for CMK is fabulous! I am so loving your projects too.

Owen looks adorable! Cngrats!