Friday, December 05, 2008

hmmmm...friday bloggin'

this is the kinda mood i am in today!

LMBO! one of my fave things about the holidays is ELF! and speaking of holiday movies...owen has been telling me that santa has a brother, so i am like, "yeah, his name is fred" and he keeps saying no no no...

so i have no idea what he is talking about, then we go into walmart and there is a big poster of the movie and he points to vince vaughn and says, "see! that's his brother." so i just shake my head...why does he never believe me?! when we he learn that mom does know best??? ;) all this coming from a kid that swears mrs. claus lives at his school!?

so anywho, owen and my mom did a little project for thanksgiving, they wrote down the things he was thankful for and they were going to day them at dinner on thanksgiving but owen chickened out so my mom gave me the list.

it is so cute! here are some of the things he said {4 pages of them! heehee}
*changing henry's diaper
*grandma & grandpa
*aunt amber & uncle greg
*that he can help daddy at work
*setting the table
*buying things at the store
*playing with his toys @granny and pappy's house
*god & baby jesus
*when i am good at school
*helping daddy find his car keys
*mommy letting me have a snack
*planting gardens
*thankful he can hear his uncle billy play in his band
*hayden {his best buddy at school}

OKAY! i am crying, LMBO!


AbbieTorroll said...

omGosh! I LOVE elf!! That movie makes me laugh so hrd. I love when he says "Santa! I know him!" So funny...

Love your new page! How cute is your son!?

Lucy Edson said...

What a precious way to preserve the list from your son!! That list is adorable! I may have to lift your idea! ;D

Staci said...

I looooove this layout!! Owen sounds like such a trip! :-)

Melonie said... Owen's list. So sweet. Love Elf too!

Drea said...

Owen is the MAN!! So just chill woman!! LOL!

Tell him I love his list and wish he lived close by so he could help me find my keys when I lose them!! I offer cash to my family. Dave swears they hide them from me so they can get the reward!


Once again........I love that darn layout! You Rock!

wendipooh13 said...

what a cool page!! Always love your stuff!!! what a cute Owen is

Audrey Pettit said...

aww! SO sweet. Love your thanksgiving project. SO cool to have your son's thoughts down. I need to remember that idea!