Monday, March 19, 2007

check out my blue monkey!

jk...owen loves to pose for photos...totally cracks me up b/c then he needs to see it right away...what has digital done to us? remember how excited we used to be when we would get a roll of film back? oh gosh, i totally remember when we would in college and we were all fighting over them..."let me see, let me see"! Oh and the best was, "Ah, i don't remember taking doing that?" Oh no, no...the best was..."Don't show my mom!"

Seriously when my little man poses...i tell him to look over there and he does but then looks back at the camera before i get the photo off...what a riot. love him to pieces more and more every day.

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

Oh- he is so cute! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about hybrid scrapping. Be sure to check back Wed eve for the winner and on Monday the 26th for my answers to all questions!