Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting back on the horse...thanks to a friend :)

So a friend whom I have grown to love and admire posted the sweetest thing on my FB page the other day about missing my blog. I never knew people really read it and to be honest...that might have been the nicest compliment I have received in a long, long time. I know..a bit cheestastic but it feels good to know it.
xoxoxo Mel :)  
Thank you for brining me back to something I love and missed. Do I scrap as much?  No...but I still do a little and you know I got somethin' to say! LOL!

So wanna see something I made?  I did this layout a little bit ago for Core using our Core Cuts line and it makes me all sortys of happy. We love going to the St Patty's day parade around here and I jsut wanted to play with some colors. FUN and BRIGHT colors like the Core cuts collection pack has. And, of course, Owen brightens my day, too. ;) 

So I am all sorts of happy today. Feeling like I found a piece of me that might have been missing and it is my creative outlet. I need to scrap more. I need to give myself time to be creative and share it like I used to. 

It makes me a better person...captures memories for my family and, most importantly, it may help get some of these unused papers out of my studio! 

{click on images to make the  larger}

That's a bit of our Core Couture sparkly goodness and the shamrock shapes are Lifestyle Crafts dies.

Thanks so much for the push, Mel! I will be back next week I promise!  
We are hopping with May Arts and Stampendous so it's gonna be fun and I have TWO projects for next week. Holla!



Melonie said...

Holla! I am sooo happy to see this post. I really have missed you. I can so relate about not having as much time....I am in the same boat...but when you DO post please know I am always reading with a smile:)

wendipooh13 said...

yah!!!! sooo glad to see you back blogging, LOVE the fun page and bright colors!!! soooo fun

VAWM said...

Ellen, you're back! I love your blog. Hope you'll be back more soon, as time permits!

Lynn Murphy said...

very fun page!!! nice to see you back.

Andrea Amu said...

Nice to see you back to blogging. Although, I can't really complain much because I haven't been doing it myself. But, I am working on a post, just need to finish it and hit the publish button! Love the bright colors of your page. I am actually going to go slip down to the basement where it's cool and get my scrap on for the first time in many many weeks :)