Tuesday, June 12, 2007

okay, i am not sure why it has been a week since my last post? we have been busy but come on, ellen! don't be a slacker, LOL!!!

so this weekend i took a Kristina Contes class and got to meet a friend online, Nicole! who is the cutest by the way. i only took one class and had to jet....had a friend in need in NJ...new house just broke up with her bf so there was lots to talk and drink!

so here is my minibook i made, can i tell you i am obsessed with making minis with the 4x6 pages pasted together like this???? LOVE IT! also my mom worked with hambly!!! and finger painted!!! 63 and going strong...WTG BARB and she bought me the Toby line...YEAH!

it is all about right now in my life....here are a few more...


Holly Terra said...

very cute!!
I totally want to take a class with her.
Love the colors...
great Job!!!

Rachael said...

What an awesome book!!

I heard the KC class was a blast!!! Guess I should've went! LOL

Hey, what about that job in Exeter? That is the township right next to me!

We will have to meet up!

Mimi said...

Awesome Mini Book and class!

Such a great surprise from you Mom!

Eminepala said...

Amazing book sweetie.. WAY TO ROCK the hambly ;)

missed ya


Nicole Carro said...

Your book is awesome! Loved how you made it your own. Is that your little guy? He's adorable.

Kelly said...

This mini book is amazing! I wish I could do books like this, mine always flop :(