Saturday, June 23, 2007

I got tagged again by Nicole and Kelly! Let me see if I can muster up so more quirky stuff about me.

Let's see.....
1. I am not a fan of nicknames, we have a friend who is naming their kid two special names (first and middle) to call the kid a completely different name? why not just name them the name you want to call them? ah, hello?

2. We are 99% sure we are moving to the Reading area, probably closer to Philly, my fav city!

3. i love the beach but hate the sand.

4. i love when people touch my feet!

5. i have my MBA and probably going back to get my master's or my phd hopefuly by 35.

okay, i don't have anyone left to tag! so those facts are on me!
I wanted to share with you my hybrid projects i have been working on for Maggie over at Dragonflaire. Her designs are just AWESOME! This is one is for Sundy's Linen Kit...GORGEOUS purples...just love them...they match my new bathroom!

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Nicole Carro said...

Whoa! Moving to Reading? That's awesome! I'm always only 99% sure about most things too! You'll definitely be closer to MLPA!