Thursday, February 22, 2007

How do you define your scrapbooking style? Is it the way you dress? Or maybe it is the way you want to dress? Both your clothes and your scrapbooking style speak for themselves, don't they?

Well...if this has peaked your interest...check out for this killer upcoming contest about your "styles". Ranjini, the site owner, has found a designer that fits each of her design team's personality and scrapping style and did these FABULOUS mouth-watering tutorials. She has compared her team to Banana Republic, Express, and Anthropologie (one of my favs and and Banana too!). Is so cool and interesting...check out the "kits" so so so cool!

The contest is going to be wrapped around this and I already know my style and what I am going to use! cannot wait! oh, did I mention Ranjini's YUMMY kits?????????

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Lacintha said...

Hey Girl...did you receive anything from me yet?

nd yes, I covet Ranjini's kits too...they're the best and the idea of comparing the designers to designers was sheer brilliance!